Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY Doctor Who Party

I talk a lot about serving food for dinner parties, small gatherings, and community functions. I feel that food is best enjoyed when surrounded with love, laughter, and adventure. To me food is not just a life source, it is an experience. It is an opportunity to create something new, something wonderful, and something worth sharing with the people you care most about in this world. That is why I strive to create dishes to please wonderful people like you... Enjoy! 

For Drinks you will need:
TARDIS Jello Shots
Sonic Screwdrivers
Captain Jack's 

For food you will need:
Doctor Who-sier Pie
Tiny TARDIS Pies ( Brought to you by BBC America )
Doctor Who Companion Cookies 

For Activities! try your hand at The Doctor Who Drinking Game Brought to you by the wonderful people at!

Did you run short on time? What about having your guests decorate your Doctor Who Companion Cookies as a fun interactive project, the best part is you get to eat your creations! 

If crafts are more your game, make some fun Cybermen Costumes! provided by Bonnie Burton and her new youtube show #DIYGeek. Or you can try your hand at Adipose Plushies brought to you by the lovely folks at

Looking to game? Pick up a copy of Doctor Who: The eternity Clock at your local video game store. If you are like me and prefer the Table Top versions of games, head to your local comic book store ( In my case, Matt's Calvacade of Comics ) and pick up the latest Doctor Who: Time Wars family board game.

Now lets talk decoration!

If you are not into the whole DIY Decorations you can purchase plenty of Doctor Who party decorations at but if DIY is your thing Pinterest has plenty of ideas for aprons, cakes, door covers, and much much more!

Now, just add plenty of friends and let the good times commence! 

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