Monday, July 15, 2013

The rebel cause

With all that has happened lately, I feel as though I should say, rebellion is not reached through the hands of guns and violence. The key to true rebellion is to pick up a book and never put it down, is to grow your own food and share it with those you love, is to smile when the world expects you to cry, and the biggest key to true rebellion is to fight hate with an over abundance of love and acceptance. By changing ourselves, we change the world. Tonight I will not post a recipe, instead I encourage you to talk to your neighbors, the stranger at the checkout line, the mail man, anyone. Share a smile and a recipe. Go home cook it for your loved ones and share the leftovers with the homeless man on the corner or your sweet old neighbor who works far harder than anyone her age should have to. Rebel against our country's faults by doing what our government has failed to do for so many unfortunate Americans. Give the gift if warmth, love and acceptance by sharing a hot meal with someone less fortunate than you. Plant a garden with your kids or your neighbors kids or even just your neighbors! Teach them a skill they can carry with them for a lifetime. Teach them that hardwork, attention, and love always yield the sweetest fruit. Stand tall today, while our country crumbles around us, take pride in yourself and all you have to offer this great amazing world. An individuals love can change the world if we first change ourselves to accept love from other individuals. 

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